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About Deviant ...rides on a horse with no nameFemale/United States Recent Activity
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  • Listening to: The Weather Girls - &quot;It's Raining Men!&quot;
  • Reading: Harry Potter (I'll finish them this time!)
  • Watching: X2
  • Playing: Work
  • Eating: Sweet Potato Fries
  • Drinking: Liquid Bliss up deviantART to see complete and utter chaos?

"v6" as it were, needs another handful of sixes in order to discribe my absolute fright.


...rides on a horse with no name
United States
Favourite genre of music: 80's, jazz, rock
Favourite style of art: vectors
Favourite cartoon character: Homer Simpson, Brian Griffith
Personal Quote: "Ta gra agam ort."


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Origami-Headphones Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Student Filmographer
Visiting your page is always worth it, even if it's just for the dancing Jim and old folks backup dancing.

Have a super great day.
Hiddorean Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
I love the Beaw!
Origami-Headphones Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2009  Student Filmographer
Hey Bean, I started a new account. And I'll be up Wed.!
MrAbbs Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2008
teenie-beanie Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2008
MrAbbs Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
Lotsa stuff happeing on this page! Just like mine :)
insaneone Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2008
hey thanks so much :)
Hiddorean Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2008
My love for you belittles the sun and all the stars.
Mycool Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008  Professional Photographer
Thanks for the lovely comment on Feathered Touch - I really appreciate it!
Bomyskee Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2008
Geston the Pug eats your turkey leg!
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